I began my artistic training long before computers became an integral part of the design landscape. I have accumulated extensive experience in communication arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and conceptual art. Such a strong traditional foundation has empowered me to take better advantage of the new design technology.

Today's new technologies have extended the horizon of possibilities for designers, but the end game is good design. There are still no "plugins" or shortcuts to effective and meaningful communication. My classic design training is more relevant than ever today. It provides the spark that makes the light come on in my mind long before the computer powers up.


I aim to maintain a balance between a rigorous conceptual approach and exuberant expressiveness, and to keep an ethical stance true to my beliefs during the design process.


I am currently available for the right full time opportunity or as a consultant on short term projects. Ask me how I can bring your vision to life or create an entirely new one!

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